is a non-profit cultural organization based in Beato, Lisbon. We provide working space for emerging artists and also music event spaces. Our goal is to offer an environment for artistic growth where cultural events take place, contributing to Lisbon’s rapid development in a creative, open and multi-cultural way.

The association started its activity in September 2018, in Cacilhas, and moved to east Lisbon by the end of 2019. In the current location, we have a total gross space of approximately 2000m2, consisting of an open air area of 1000m2 and an indoor music venue of approximately 600m2.

Our unique space is the home of a creative community in Lisbon: we offer 10 working studios for artists and creatives from different artistic disciplines – music, visual arts, design, cinema, fashion and others –, 
and a programming agenda with open air cinema, exhibitions, workshops, live jams, electronic music events and a sunday market.

This project aims to develop a creative landmark within Lisbon and expand to other cities in the future.

• To provide creatives with a space to freely express themselves

• To engage the local community and give them creative outlet and showcase their work internationally

• To bring international artists to Lisbon and build a venue international reputation
Sep, 2018
Arroz starts its activity in Cacilhas and creates a cultural bridge between the south bay and central Lisbon, welcoming 4.000 new members.

Dec, 2019
The association's location moves to east Lisbon.

March, 2020
After three months in the new location, Arroz Estúdios needs to be closed due to the pandemic. We are able to survive due to some generous donors and a strong community running compliant events.

Summer, 2020
We start relaunching events slowly, creating a micro-economy with the help of our residents and community.

Feb, 2021
Rare Effect Vol. 1,  Europe’s first NFT Festival, happens virtually reaching over 500,000 people worldwide. - Planting A.I.R – Artists in Residence program is launched, providing free physical studio space and materials to support artists.

May, 2021
Rare Effect Vol. 2 takes place with a physical experience made of talks, interviews, performances and digital artworks from over 90 artists.

Dec, 2021
Shillin' and Chillin' meetups start happening and gathering individuals with interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Jan, 2022
Arroz is able to fully open again after the pandemic, with events happening every week.
June, 2022
Mercado Beato, our outdoor seasonal market, is launched, bringing together local artists, creatives and vendors every Sunday. 

Oct, 2022
Rare Effect has its third edition, gathering 90 exhibiting artists and performers in its crypto art exhibition and music events. 

Dec, 2022
Arroz Estúdios association hits the mark of over 40.000 members in its four years of existence.