Our projects

Over five years, our studios have been the workstation of 40 resident artists from all kinds of backgrounds and parts of the world; and we have hosted hundreds of multicultural events, bringing together both local and international artists, engaging the local communities and facilitating international links.


Planting Air
In 2021, we created our first artist residency - Planting A.I.R - Artists in Residence, with the aim of supporting young artists who come from low-income background.
In addition to providing a studio studio and a monthly fee, the artists take part in an educational programme in digital art, blockchain and NFTs and a programme of mentoring programme by the resident artists.
In 2023, we integrated our first European co-operation project co-operation project, through Creative Europe Europe, developing a residency programme with XJAZZ! and Jazz:Re:Found.

We currently have several international residency projects underway, one of which is funded by the EU [Creative Europe] and we have three more applications pending.


In 2021, we postponed the association as an accelerator at the intersection of new technologies and art in Lisbon. We've been holding weekly workshops and educational sessions on the subject for several years, bridging the gap between artists, creatives and those most curious about these new technologies.

In 2022, an incubation partnership was developed with Nova SBE and ARROZ EDU was born, a digital platform with the mission of training anyone about the potential of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and the web3.
technology and the web3. Since then, the start-up has developed projects with the EU's international Creative Europe program.

We also offer artistic workshops for the community at our weekly street markets, which include workshops in painting, graphic design, music production and instrumental learning.


Our programming is Portuguese-led, with a mix of local and international artists and performers. We program up to 7 events a week, as well as a series of independent and collaborative exhibitions. These events also have a strong "local and emerging artists" element, making sure to elevate and promote up-and-coming local artists and rising local performers.
Main initiatives
VOZES DO FUTURO [Black History Month] - We organize an annual festival and a series of events throughout the year to promote Portuguese and international artists with a black identity.

PRIDE - During gay pride, we organize a series of 7-10 day events for the LGBTQ+ community.

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY - Every March, we organize a 7-10 day program and exhibition made up entirely of women artists.


For the past four years, the Arroz Estúdios team has been leading the most innovative arts festivals in Portugal under the RARE EFFECT brand.

The team has now been asked to run MUTEK Portugal, adding to the portfolio of MUTEK that already includes Montreal, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Barcelona and Tokyo.
The team has also been contacted by XJazz [Berlin], Jazz:Refound [Italy] and Outlook Festival [United Kingdom].
Historically, festivals have used modern blockchain and
web3 to attract and educate communities interested in music, arts and culture. Throughout its existence, it has attracted more than 5,000 physical visitors and more than 30,000 in the metaverse.

So far, the festivals have been supported by a number of major backers, including DGArtes, Junta de Beato, NEAR Protocol, Solana, Heineken, Mintbase, ArtPool, ArtDAO, SeatLab NFT, Edigma, Why Not?, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Boom Festival, Jornal de Negócios and were broadcast by RTP, Coin Telegraph,Ransom Note, Resident Advisor, Time Out, Financial IT, A Cabine, Oxigenio, Park and many, many more.