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Please contact us via one
of the following channels

To inquire about studio spaces or any general information contact:

Event bookings contact:

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How can I host an event at Arroz?
Send the proposal to and our team will inform you about our fees and policy.

I'm a Dj. How can I play at Arroz?
Send your work to and if there is interest we will keep you on our list for future opportunities.

How can I be a part of Mercado Beato as a vendor, musician/Dj or food seller?
From April to October you can send your request to participate to

How do I create an Arroz membership and why do I need one?
Arroz Estúdios is a non-profit cultural association. Entrance to the venue requires a membership that costs €3 and is valid until the end of the current year. You can make one at the door, from the time an event starts.

Is Arroz wheelchair-accessible?
Yes, we are step-free, there are no stairs in the venue. Although, please be aware, the ground is cobbled.

I lost an item at Arroz Estúdios. How should I proceed?
Send an email with the description of the item and photo (if possible) to Any item found will be kept for two weeks and then donated.

Is Arroz pet friendly?
Yes, we only ask you to maintain your dog on a leash.