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Samantha Hill is an English artist and has a background in both Fine Art and Fashion, where she provides design research to independent and high street brands. She is now extending her practice into Print Design, taking inspiration from fashion trends and the natural world, especially the nearby ocean.

mystic fyah

Mystic Fyah is a collective created by three long time friends, who share the love for reggae and sound system culture: Dubio, Baresi and Tito. Hailing from Lisbon, they started their musical journey in 2007 intending to spread reggae and dub music. They are part of a new dub generation, who pays tribute to the roots music while bringing the sounds of today.


French graphic designer and illustrator with a visual communication and branding background, she has been part of Arroz Estúdios collective since their start in Cacilhas. 
She likes to sketch real-time events and use inks. She collaborated with independent publishing houses and writers to illustrate books and also did collaborative and personal fanzines.


Daniele Grosso is an Italian filmmaker based in Lisbon. He holds a Master Degree in Arts and Literature, with a thesis in History of Cinema Animation, and a Master Course in Video Post-Production. His works are mainly documentaries and experimental short films. He recently produced an animated short film at Arroz Estúdios and some prints of his photographs can be found in the Arroz Shop & Gallery.


Sound engineers / DJs / producers. Ten is a number that unites Paulo Lopes and Pedro Gonçalves. After a long period of experimenting with sound, the two longtime friends launch their newest project TEN YEARS SOBER – a creation of sober content , engaging rhythms, crooked lines and complex harmonies combining Paulo’s experience and mix quality and Pedro’s fresh ideas and performance skills. 

Miguel Fernández

Miguel is a musician collaborating in different bands and projects. He’s also the person behind the live jams at Arroz Estúdios. 

mergulho urbano

Mergulho Urbano is a cultural and environmental non-profit founded in 2020, which arises from the need to rethink the urban space, promoting the renaturalisation of abandoned spaces and investing in the enjoyment of artistic practices in public space to generate civic engagement and critical thinking about the city and the environment. They are running the pizzeria and garden at Arroz.


Massimiliano Sarta was born in Bologna, Italy. From mixed media art, painting, photography, music production, djing, screen printing, crafts. He settles in Lisbon in 2016 and during the pandemic he devotes himself to the current art form, the handmade collage and creates two collections. Art needs to be appreciated as such, as an unexpected and overwhelming emotion.


Better known by his stage name Dub FX, Ben is an Australian musician and worldwide street performer currently living in Lisbon.


Originally from Leeds, Sibson started as a punk DJ in his hometown. Now he's co-running the Balearic Ensemble label and organizing his Comandante party series in Lisbon.

Aleksei Sakharov

Mitch von Arx is an electronic music artist with an experimental edge based between London and Switzerland. His creative voice took shape whilst studying music production in northern England in the mid-00s.


Ed Dingli is an illustrator & designer whose work is driven by socio-political, human rights, cultural, climate action and environmental regeneration subjects. His style is continually developing as he is actively experimenting with form and technique, using different methods of printmaking and exploring both analogue and digital processes.

adrian leverkuhn

Adrian Leverkuhn is a multidisciplinary artist based in Chicago and Lisbon. His work has been exhibited since 2005 in numerous group and solo exhibitions in North America and Europe.


Raiz Vertical Farms is an urban farming startup aiming to develop networks of vertical farms across the neighborhoods of big cities. The overarching objective is to transform currently underused urban spaces into decentralized areas for agricultural production, providing food resilience for growing urban communities.


Mitch von Arx is an electronic music artist with an experimental edge based between London and Switzerland. His creative voice took shape whilst studying music production in northern England in the mid-00s.


Erica Doo is an illustrator, tattoo artist and muralist from the United States, currently based in Lisbon. Her work manifests in bright colors, with inspiration taken from pop culture and current events.


Founder of NLR – Nice Like Rice, Just Shake and Cosmic Disco, Steven has been running some of the UK’s most creative parties for over 6 years. Now based in Lisbon, Steven is running the arts studio, music venue and creative hub in East Lisbon, Arroz Estúdios. Being a collector for over 10 years his DJ sets regularly cross between house and techno with a vast mixture of drum patterns.

Meet previous Arroz Residents

DAVID ARRANHADO: painter & muralist
FLOATing studio: Graphic Designer, Illustrator & muralist
ELÁDIO CARDOSO: poet and creative writer
Devibe: musicians
NIALL HEARNE: Artist, video, photographer & poet
Maxime hanchir: visual artist
​RAMEN YUNG: painter, illustrator & visual artist
MEAGAN BACH: Graphic Designer & Illustrator
JAY GRAÇA: writer & poet
KARL GODARD​: composer/computer scientist
ABIA KARIM: Photographer & Art Director
Mette Slot Johnsen: Creative Producer and cultural researcher
oficina loba: screenprinting studio
FILIPE PATROCÍNIO: Motion Designer, 2D & 3D animation