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YOUR DONATION WILL HELP US TO FIND A NEW HOME where creative individuals, including artists, photographers, performers, musicians, sound engineers, producers can work and freely express themselves.

The association is an entity that is entirely owned by its members (associates) with an elected board running it. We are over 40.000 members now, with about 60 people making up the core group of artists, staff members and board.

We aim to develop a creative landmark within Lisbon and expand to other cities in the future. To do so, we plan to find A PERMANENT SPACE so the project can be passed on from generation to generation as a cultural hub.


By being our supporter, you contribute to our sustainability and to keeping Arroz Estúdios a place where creatives can work and freely express themselves.


What is Arroz Estúdios?
Arroz Estúdios is a non-profit cultural organization based in Beato, Lisbon. We provide working space for emerging artists and also music event spaces. Our goal is to offer an environment for artistic growth where cultural events take place, contributing to Lisbon’s rapid development in a creative, open and multi-cultural way.

Why Arroz Estúdios?
One of the key founding principles of the Arroz Estudios project is to resist gentrification whilst continuing to contribute to the local community in a positive & beneficial way. In doing so, we champion solidarity and inclusion and will always stand firm in our commitment to empowering the local & minority communities. 

Drawing upon our team's expertise in collaborating with city councils, we leverage creative enterprises to spark interest in overlooked areas, fostering a sense of belonging among residents from diverse backgrounds. By prioritising community-driven initiatives, we ensure that our project serves as a beacon of inclusivity, welcoming all to participate and thrive.Moreover, our endeavour to resist gentrification extends beyond physical spaces.

Through our innovative programs and initiatives, we provide individuals with the education and exposure necessary to promote their work on an international level. By nurturing creative talent and fostering a culture of learning, we empower community members to unlock their full potential.As we develop our mission to build a creative landmark immune to gentrification, we envision a future where solidarity, inclusion, and knowledge intertwine to create thriving, resilient communities.

How can I make a donation?
On this page you can use the donor boxe above and choose the type of donation you prefer (one time or monthly). Sharing on social networks you made a donation is also really helpful for us.