We are a non-profit organization

Since the start of its activity in 2018, Arroz Estúdios association has been a pivotal piece in Lisbon's cultural scene. Our community includes a wide and diverse range of artists, including painters, photographers, performers, musicians, sound engineers, producers, and more.

Over five years, our studios have been the workstation of 40 resident artists from all kinds of backgrounds and parts of the world; and we have hosted hundreds of multicultural events, bringing together both local and international artists, engaging the local communities and facilitating international links.

The association is an entity that is entirely owned by its members (associates) with an elected board running it. We are over 40.000 members now, with about 60 people making up the core group of artists, staff members and board.

We aim to develop a creative landmark within Lisbon and expand to other cities in the future. To do so, we plan to find a permanent space so the project can be passed on from generation to generation as a cultural hub. You can be a part of it by donating to the association. By being our supporter, you contribute to our sustainability and to keeping Arroz Estúdios a place where creatives can work and freely express themselves.